As we look forward to celebrating our 25th Anniversary, we reflect on the work that we have done as an organization along with our community partners. We are elated to share with you our 2021 Annual Report: A Year of Action and Growth.

2021 was a year of tremendous growth and meaningful action for CCPH. This report highlights the impact of authentic partnerships and community engagement. As COVID-19 spread among communities around the world, CCPH responded by harnessing the power of partnerships to further promote health equity and social justice.

  • Our team grew to 7 full-time staff members and 11 consultants, which allowed us to expand our capacity and engagement in promoting health equity and social justice.
  • We continued our efforts to combat COVID-19 by partnering with six academic institutions, seven state and national organizations, one foundation, and over ninety community-based organizations.
  • We facilitated the distribution of over $1.8 million in grants and awards to 53 community-based organizations across the country.
  • We leveraged our nearly 25 years of experience to lead and continue supporting 12 community-engaged and research-focused projects.
  • We exchanged knowledge, best practices, tools, and resources by facilitating 22 webinars, trainings, and listening sessions.

As we look ahead to more growth and strengthening of our efforts to promote health equity and social justice, we remain committed to investing in the communities we serve. We invite you to learn more about us by viewing our 2021 Annual Report webpage here, and the full report here

If you have been a part of the work we have done in 2021, we encourage you to share the report with your network, and if you have worked with CCPH in the past, we look forward to celebrating with you in the coming year. 

In the spirit of partnership, 

Al Richmond