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25th Anniversary Message from CCPH Executive Director, Al Richmond 

The Voices of CCPH

Hear from CCPH Board Members, Team, Current and Past Partners and Stakeholders as they share about CCPH

Through the years, I always checked in with CCPH as the group that “kept it real” and “got it right.”

Alan Wells, PhD

“CCPH has influenced my doctoral work by providing me with a standard to implement when conducting my own research to ensure it is strengths-based while bringing attention to health trends among populations that have been historically disregarded and excluded.”

Millicent N. Robinson, PhD, MSW, MPH

“CCPH’s core values around equitable community engagement are in direct alignment with my approach to community-engaged research, so I knew the opportunity was just right!”

Kunga Denzongpa, PhD

Partnerships that Last

The CCPH Principles of Partnership (PoP) form an ethical framework for partnerships that guide their development and pursue the aims of social justice and health equity through community action.  

Collaborative Projects

CCPH is proud of its broad base of partnerships across all stakeholder groups in the community at large and our work together to advance health equity and social justice.
Click on the squares in the “Collaborative Projects” section below to explore our current partnership projects.


Explore our Current Partnerships

We all need partners and lots of them in order to effect important changes.
Our partners include communities,  academicians, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, funders, public sector agencies, and private sector businesses.
Click on the squares below to explore our current partnerships.  

Health equity and social justice cannot be achieved by going it alone.  They can only be achieved through collaborative efforts.  We all need partners and lots of them in order to affect important changes.

25 years of
Services & Resources

We serve our partnering communities through dynamic training sessions, consultations, office hours, and speaking engagements.

Learn more about how you can partner with us on our service pages.

CCPH’s goal is to share knowledge. Over time, we have developed and gathered a wealth of resources.
We believe that it has limited value unless we make it available to our partner community.

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Our Community

Community is dynamic and inclusive. There is no one definition of community. Community need not be defined solely by geography. It can refer to a group that self-identifies by age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, illness, or health condition. It can refer to a common interest or cause, a sense of identification or shared emotional connection, shared values or norms, mutual influence, or commitment to meeting a shared need.

Defining community in a community-campus partnership is more about the process of asking and answering key questions than about a strict definition of who is community or represents community: Are those most affected by the issue being addressed at the table? Are those who have a stake in the issue being addressed at the table? Are community members at the table? Do they play decision-making roles?

The purpose of the partnership drives the definition,
therefore each effort must ask for the definition of community. 

We want you to be a part of our celebration!

If you have been a part of our 25 years of growth, please share a moment of celebration, a story of the work you did with us, or share a comment below.


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News & Updates

APHA Press Book Launch of Race and Research 2nd Edition Webinar

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (CCPH) is partnering with APHA Press to host a webinar book symposium to promote the 2nd edition of “Race and Research: Perspectives on Minority Participation in Health Studies.” Senior editors and contributing authors will describe the work followed by a moderated discussion on the topic of community engagement to address health disparities in research.

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CEACR Speaker Series: Community-Centered Research Design

This webinar explores considerations and strategies for engaging in participatory research processes with community members and organizations, including: study design, partnership structures, engagement planning, and bidirectional communication

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