Consultancy Network

CCPH consultancy network is a network of professionals including community partners with wide-ranging expertise and knowledge. CCPH partners with our clients to develop a tailored experience that connects them to consultants with an attention to equity, health justice and partnerships.

CCPH maintains a database catalog of consultants with unique skill sets and areas of specialization in order to accurately pair consultants with exciting opportunities. 

The program is visioned to function as an on-demand application for organizations to access quick and essential consultants to complete time-limited tasks.

Community engagement resulting from the program

The Consultancy Network will support community engagement tasks from clients/customers, as well as provide consultants with community engagement skill sets to utilize their experience and knowledge to meet each client’s specific needs.

CCPH’s involvement in the program

We want to make connecting to the experts easier. CCPH will serve as a liaison creating connecting between clients and consultants. Not only will we be responsible for maintaining both networks and providing a platform for connection; we will handle the financial processes so you as the client and the consultant can get started on the important work you are doing.

Interested in becoming a consultant in the Consultancy Network?

Are you a researcher, community advocate, or academic that is looking for a way to connect to a community outside your own in order to make a deeper impact in regards to public health, social justice, or racial equality. We encourage you to join our consultancy network. Fill out this survey here. This survey will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. Please select the responses that best reflect your current capacity and interest to do the activities mentioned in each question.

Information Dissemination

If you are interested in receiving updates from the Consultancy Network  please sign up below. Looking for more specific information or have questions?  Please email us at: