Community Engagement Research Alliance Against COVID-19 in Disproportionately Affected Communities

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We are partnering with communities across North Carolina to provide the resources and tools needed to protect our neighborhoods, towns, and cities from the spread of COVID-19. We’re working together to:

  • Disseminate trustworthy and science-based COVID-19 information and resources
  • Train community leaders on evolving issues related to COVID-19

  • Rapidly assess, innovate, and evaluate efforts to prevent and reduce COVID-19 burden

The North Carolina Community Engagement Alliance (CEAL) Research Team is brought together in partnership with Community-Campus Partnerships for Health and the University of North Carolina Center for Health Equity Research.

NC CEAL is one of 21 teams engaged in the NIH Community Engagement Research Alliance Against COVID-19 in the Disproportionately Affected Communities (CEAL) network.

Focus Areas

Events and Opportunities

Newest Resources

What’s Up With Covid? NC CEAL Coloring Book
Available in English and Spanish

Webinars & Training

Community Health Worker Mental Health Trainings

More NC CEAL Resources

NC CEAL is here to help you get up-to-date and trustworthy information and materials on COVID-19.

Our Team and Partners

Community Response Team (CRT)

The Community Response Team (CRT) is comprised of members from NC’s African American/Black and Latinx/Hispanic communities who help identify how best to keep these communities engaged in understanding and responding to this global pandemic through creating and distributing educational materials, partnering with agencies on mental health training for Community Health Workers, as well as other community-based engagement strategies.

Equity, Access, and Uptake (EAU) Task Force

The EAU TF focuses on critically considering local needs and existing resources and identifying the best approaches to improve access and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

NCCU Accord

The NCCU ACCORD has partnered with NC CEAL to facilitate COVID-19 testing and conduct multidisciplinary research to study public health messages and the impact of COVID-19 on underserved communities in NC.

NC CEAL Coalition

The Coalition focuses on recruiting and supporting key organizations and individuals addressing the COVID-19 crisis among communities of color in NC.

Mini-Grants of up to $5,000 are available to Coalition members throughout the 2022-2023 funding period.

Joseph Fox, Community Response Team Member

Gilda Cowan, Community Response Team Member

Griselda Alonso Rojas, Community Response Team Member

Jessica Aguilar, Community Response Team Member

Kimberly Alexander, Community Response Team – Community Co-lead

Krista Pereirra, Community Response Team – Academic Co-lead

Robert Lee Campbell, Community Response Team Member

Reuben Cooper Blackwell V, Community Response Team Member

Norma Marti, Community Response Team, Community Co-lead

Patricia J. Peele, Community Response Team Member

Cheryl Emanuel, Task Force Member

David Wohl, Task Force Member

Honey Estrada, Task Force/ Community Response Team Member

Jacquie Halladay, Task Force Member/ Investigator

Michelle Floris Moore, Task Force Member

Sharon Goodson, Task Force Member

Lisa Paulin, NCCU Accord

Tianduo Zhang, NCCU Accord

Airianne Posey, Operations Coordinator

Alan Richmond, Multiple Principal Investigator

Alexis Hill, Program Assistant

Anissa Vines, Multiple Principal Investigator

Dzidzai Muyengwa, Project Manager

Susan Clifford, Project Coordinator


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