Lunch & Learn: Participatory Budgeting Event Recap

Jun 14, 2023 | Community Engagement, Lunch & Learn, Training, Video, Webinars | 0 comments

The CCPH “Lunch & Learn: Participatory Budgeting” webinar was a collaborative training panel with community and academic experts sharing their experiences advocating for fair budgetary structures and practices by relying on community expertise to address community-identified needs.

What did attendees gain from attending this event?

Attendees learned about the purpose and goals of participatory budgeting, the five steps of the participatory budgeting process, and how participatory budgeting contributes to health equity.

Participants learned and received some of the following resources:

  • participatory budgeting cycle
  • benefits of participatory budgeting
  • participatory budgeting recommendations for success
  • relationship between participatory budgeting and health equity

How does the partners’ mission connect to the work CCPH does?

This panel included two external partners, one community, and one academic expert. Our community partner Mysha Wynn, MA, MS, Founder and Executive Director of Project Momentum, leads programs that constantly adapt and evolve based on the high-priority and emergent needs of the community.  And our academic partner Angelica Delgado Rendón, Ph.D., serves as an Instructor at the Medical College of Wisconsin and is passionate about studying empathy, advancing Hispanics in medical education, and teaching about Hispanic and Anglo races, cultures, and health.

Based on the work that both partners are involved with and their commitment to advancing health equity and social justice, this aligns perfectly with the work CCPH is committed to doing daily.


Watch the recording in English:

Watch the recording in Spanish:


Mysha Wynn, MA, MS, is the founder and executive director of Project Momentum, Inc., a 17-year community-based organization located in Rocky Mount, NC. Mysha is a recent alum of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Interdisciplinary Fellow program and has served as consultant/Co-PI on multiple community-engaged projects. Mysha uses her 16 years of expertise in community engagement, community-based participatory research, and program coordination to leverage assets for communities through research. Additionally, Mysha is a principal partner with the PRIME Collective, LLC, a group of community experts who provide consulting expertise to investigators on how to incorporate community engagement principles into all phases of research while providing avenues for addressing barriers that stifle community participation in academic research.

Angelica Delgado Rendón, Ph.D., has experience in teaching, community research, program evaluation, entertainment-education, and clinical diagnostics. She currently serves as Instructor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She has worked on various health areas: nutrition, physical activity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, fall prevention, tobacco smoking, marijuana smoking, and chronic disease management. Dr. Delgado Rendón is particularly passionate about studying empathy, advancing Hispanics in medical education, and teaching about Hispanic and Anglo races, cultures, and health. She enjoys swimming and being with family and friends.

Paige Castro-Reyes has been with CCPH since graduating from the University of Washington in 2013. She completed a B.S. in Biology and a B.A. in International Studies: Comparative Religion. Paige has been with CCPH since 2013, serving as project coordinator for multiple multi-partner projects focused on community engagement, ethics of research, and culturally responsive research practices. These projects included planning and facilitating virtual and in-person convenings centered on patient and community engagement and were funded by NIEHS, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, PCORI, and the Greenwall Foundation. Paige brings her unique lived and learned experience as a mestisa CHamoru woman to her work as CCPH’s Deputy Director.

Facilitator: Emily Finley, CCPH Program Coordinator