Last year, the Founding Editor of CES4Health.Info, Dr. Cathy Jordan, decided to step down to pursue new opportunities in her area of research and scholarship. We are extremely appreciative to Cathy for her contribution and commitment to CES4Health.

As we move CES4Health.Info into the future, we have decided to make a few changes that will include addressing the technical issues with the loading and storage of products. The pending changes for CES4Health.Info are exciting and will take time. Therefore, we will suspend accepting new products for CES4Health.Info beginning May 1. We anticipate that we will resume operations by January 1, 2020.

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Joyce Balls-Berry, managing editor of CES4Health.Info, has agreed to lead our efforts to better understand opportunities for sustainability and operations into the future. The first step is a partnership with the Minority Women in Research Network (MWRN) ( Established in 2011, MWRN is a group of women scientists from a variety of cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds committed to a peer-to-peer mentoring arrangement to increase and promote community and patient engagement in health-related research. CCPH has partnered with MWRN over the last 3 years to expand and establish new community-academic partnership in community-patient outcomes research. This has resulted in CCPH hosting 2 sessions at MWRN PCORI funded research workshops and symposia.

During phase 1 of our partnership, CCPH will work with MWRN on the following:

  • Explore new processes for reviewing submitted products;
  • Develop a new notification system to highlight accepted products; and
  • Explore a business model for future sustainability.

Dr. Balls-Berry stated, “The partnership we have established with CCPH allows us to expand our efforts to consider new methods available to researchers and our partners to highlight our work to a broader community.”

The next 9 months are going to bring change and growth to the foundation set by the founders of CCPH and CES4Health.Info.

If you have any questions or recommendations please let us know by contacting Joy Balls-Berry BallsBerry.Joyce@mayo.ed or Al Richmond

In the spirit of partnership,

Al Richmond, MSW

Executive Director