Equitable Partnerships Training for Whole Community Connection

January 27, 2023

What was the purpose of the Equitable Partnerships Training for Whole Community Connection?

The purpose of the Equitable Partnerships training was to present a model for equitable partnerships to the Whole Community Connection Champions (WCC), who are 4-6 person community-academic teams coming together toward a health equity issue in their rural community. 

What did attendees gain from attending this event?

  • To recognize equitable power and resource structures
  • To identify mutually beneficial relationships and community-centered approaches
  • To explore methods to reduce silos and increase cross-sector collaboration

What are the next steps from this training?

By examining equitable partnerships through power and resource structures, mutually beneficial relationships, and silo reduction, the WCC Champions are better equipped to recognize and respect the local culture and context.

More about the Whole Community Connection:

Whole Community Connection (WCC) supports leaders to advance health equity in rural North Carolina by increasing local power to focus on priorities at the community level and co-creating a model of relationship-centered engagement.

How does the Whole Community Connection mission connect to the work CCPH does?

WCC and CCPH champion equitable community-academic partnerships that authentically speak to the unmet needs of historically marginalized communities. We are happy to train and support partnership programs like WCC that value diverse lived experiences and expertise as a pathway to health equity and social justice.