Date & Time:

May 12, 2023 1:00 PM EDT


Suboptimal collection and reporting of racial and ethnic data on Asian American (AA), Native Hawaiian (NH), and Pacific Islander (PI) populations in COVID-19 and other public health research pose a significant challenge to achieving health equity. Aggregation of demographic data under broad categories (such as “Asian”) obscures key differences among diverse subpopulations and undermines leaders’ and policymakers’ ability to identify inequities and allocate resources appropriately. The collective impacts of data aggregation on Native and Indigenous peoples in particular has been described by the community, including organizations such as Urban Indian Health Institute, as equivalent to “data genocide.” Co-sponsored by the CEAL AANHPI Workgroup, this 2-part series will bring together public health leaders from AANHPI communities to discuss the ways that data aggregation perpetuates systemic racism and inequities and explore recommendations for achieving data equity. This session will be recorded and made publicly available.