CCPH is excited to have Aliyha Hill join the team as the RADx-Up Engagement Specialist!

Aliyha joins the team, sharing a passion for community engagement and public health. Her extensive industry background only further proves her dedication to the field.

She began her journey with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Master of Public Health from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She launched her career working as a Recovery Coordination Specialist at FEMA, where she credits learning the importance of accessible resources for communities. Before joining our team, she worked with organizations such as Parent Link and the Chicago Department of Public Health on COVID vaccines and test distribution projects, as well as ensuring the success of school health in Chicago. In doing this work, she created lasting partnerships with the city government and local partners.

How did you hear about CCPH?

I heard about CCPH through my involvement as a Community Advisory Committee member with a RADx-funded project based out of Chicago, VOICES. With this work, I was able to learn further about RADx-up initiatives and NIH internal and external stakeholders—one of those stakeholders being CCPH. I was able to partner and learn about the extraordinary work CCPH advocates for and supports.

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Why did you decide to join the CCPH team?

I decided to join the CCPH team because of the profound alignment I found between the organization’s mission and vision and my personal values. The commitment to promoting health equity and social justice resonates deeply with me, as I believe these are fundamental pillars for creating a better society. The opportunity to actively contribute to building and enhancing partnerships, as well as nurturing relationships, is something I find incredibly fulfilling. Through these efforts, I aim to play a part in advancing initiatives that address systemic inequalities and improve the well-being of communities. Moreover, CCPH’s dedication to supporting community voices, including my own, is a testament to its inclusive approach and genuine desire to create meaningful change. As an engagement specialist, I am excited to leverage my skills and experiences to amplify these voices and facilitate dialogue that leads to tangible, positive outcomes.

You have a lot of experience in community engagement, specifically in public health. What has inspired you to do this work?

I’ve always been deeply passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, particularly in the realm of public health. My inspiration to engage with communities stems from a combination of personal experiences and a strong sense of social responsibility. Growing up and viewing the barriers and struggles within my community ignited my desire to actively work towards creating more equitable systems and opportunities for all. Seeing how collaboration, education, and empowerment can positively impact health outcomes solidified my commitment to this work. Every interaction with community members, every partnership forged, and every initiative undertaken reaffirms my belief in the transformative potential of community engagement.

Tell us about the work that you’ll be doing and the programs that you’ll be supporting in CCPH.

In my role at CCPH, I’ll primarily focus on supporting the RADx-UP initiative. Within the RADx-UP program, I’ll be involved in various aspects of community engagement and program support. By supporting the RADx-UP initiative, I’ll be contributing to CCPH’s broader mission of promoting health equity and social justice. I’m excited to be part of a team that is dedicated to addressing the needs of underserved populations and working towards teaching and sharing the success of the RADx program. Sharing wins such as increasing access to essential healthcare services, especially during the Pandemic.

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