We are proud to welcome Kunga Denzongpa to the CCPH team! Based in Greensboro, North Carolina with a PhD in Public Health from the University of North Carolina Greensboro, Kunga will support RADx-UP and other CCPH projects as an Evaluation Specialist. We asked her a few questions about her work and what brings her to CCPH. Check out her bio to learn more. 

What made you decide to join CCPH?

The decision to join CCPH was actually quite easy given the organization’s reputation. One of my advisors from my doctoral committee introduced me to CCPH since her research expertise centers on community engagement. CCPH’s core values around equitable community engagement is in direct alignment with my approach to community-engaged research, so I knew the opportunity was just right! 

Tell us about the work you’ll be doing to support RADx-UP and CCPH. 

As an evaluation specialist, the majority of my time will be spent reviewing, examining, and developing assessment tools and metrics to evaluate the outcomes and impacts of new and ongoing programs across CCPH. I also look forward to being involved in different project platforms and contributing towards their program planning and implementation.

How does your cross-cultural experience influence your approach to community-engaged research?

My experience and reflexivity in cross-cultural research inform my approach to ‘doing’ good community-engaged research. Cultural humility and cultural sensitivity are foundational to cross-cultural understanding and help us practice negotiation of bidirectional partnership throughout the research process.