Promoting health equity and social justice

through partnerships between communities and academic institutions

Our Work


Health equity and social justice cannot be achieved by going it alone.  They can only be achieved through collaborative efforts between communities and academic partners.


What good is the knowledge if it is not shared? CCPH’s goal is to share the knowledge that comes up from the community via our Resource Library and during other seminars.


Together we can seek to advance health equity and social justice. CCPH organizes in-person convenings and virtual webinars for both CCPH members and non-members.

COVID-19 Initiatives

As COVID-19 spreads amongst communities around the world, CCPH has partnered with various academic institutions to further its mission to promote health equity and social justice.

CCPH’s Webinar Series

The RADx-UP Project

The CEAL I-TEAM Project

Welcome from Executive Director Al Richmond

I am fortunate to work in an organization whose core mission is so closely aligned with my personal and professional beliefs. CCPH centers the power of partnerships and then harnesses that power to drive social justice and health equity. I invite you to learn more about us by viewing the website. We ask that you also join us as a personal or institutional member. Your interest and support will allow us to continue the work that we’ve been doing for almost a quarter of a century.

News & Updates

HBCU Coalition Member Spotlight: Virginia Hunter

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health, in partnership with RTI International, is utilizing our diverse network and partnerships with college and university affiliates to increase the engagement of Historically Black College and University (HBCU) students, faculty, staff, and researchers in the All of Us Researcher Academy and use of the All of Us Researcher Workbench. We recently sat down for a conversation with our Engagement Strategist, Virginia Hunter, whose work with CCPH helps increase the visibility of the program at HBCUs.

As an alumna of an HBCU with deep roots in the community, Virginia shares her personal connection to HBCUs, her hopes for the All of Us Research Program, and why it’s important. Continue reading to learn more.