Angela Balfour Franklin, MDiv


Angela Balfour Franklin is an experienced health equity and program manager, recognized for her expertise in developing and implementing initiatives to address health disparities strongly focused on serving historically underserved communities. Angela has demonstrated her commitment to creating positive health outcomes for socially vulnerable communities in the U.S. and southern Africa.

Throughout her career, Angela has excelled in community outreach, program development, and strategic partnership building. Her work spans across various sectors, including public health, community organizations, and religious institutions. Angela is adept at working with diverse populations, designing effective programs, and leading cross-functional teams to achieve impactful results.

Angela’s professional journey includes notable roles as Regional Coordinator at the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Office of Health Equity, where she spearheaded initiatives to increase vaccine access in underserved areas. She has also worked in southern Africa with non-governmental organizations and fixed-base operators developing HIV/AIDS programs for women and girls in both urban and rural settings.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Angela is deeply involved in her community, serving on committees and boards dedicated to health equity, social justice, and community empowerment.

Angela holds a Master of Divinity from Emory University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Virginia. She is known for her love of community capacity building, learning about different cultures, and her unwavering commitment to creating a more equitable society.