Aliyha Hill, MPH


Aliyha holds a passion for public health and community engagement. Aliyha earned her Master of Public Health and Bachelor of Health Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her professional journey began in government emergency response where she learned the importance of accessible resources for communities.

Known for her expertise in engagement, outbreak response, and collaboration, Aliyha has consistently aimed to close the gap of health inequities. Her ability to engage key stakeholders and uplift our communities has been instrumental in keeping adolescents and families healthy. Throughout Aliyha’s career, she’s had the privilege of working on health projects such as COVID vaccine and test distribution and creating lasting partnerships with city government and local partners.

Beyond her professional life, she is a traveler, coffee lover, and dog mom. Aliyha’s family and loved ones guide her work and support her dreams, making it a fulfilling journey.

Aliyha is always eager to connect with like-minded professionals and explore new opportunities.